We want to make your stay both pleasant and comfortable. If you need any information, please feel free to inquire at the Campground Office. Please help us make your stay here more enjoyable through your cooperation with the following simple rules:

We reserve the right to move your reserved site based on the size of your RV and the duration of your stay.

Holiday and Festivals bookings require a 2 day minimum reservation stay.

All sites have electrical hook ups, electrcitiy will be charged for monthly rentals stays.


Check-in 1:00 p.m. on the day of arrival.


Check-out 11 a.m. on the day of departure. Please make arrangements prior to
10 a.m. if staying an extra night.

Cancellation policy

Full refund if cancelled 10 days prior to check in date.(excluding holiday or festival holiday or weekend)

No refunds or credits on reservations stays that include a holiday, festival and holiday or festival weekend. If you are unsure if your stay includes one of these please call before booking.

After cancelation period a credit(excluding holidays, festivals, holiday weekends or festival weekends) will be issued that will expire 12 months after original check in date. Only 1 rebooking for this reservation will be honored, if canceled a second time credit will be forfeited.

No refunds for early departure or late arrival.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.


We have a limited number of picinic tables, tables are not guaranteed at every site. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE PICNIC TABLES.

RV Guests

Large area outdoor rugs must be secured/weighted down to prevent blowing away at campsites.

Tent Guests

Maximum of 6 guests per tent site. No generartors unless long term power outage.

Vehicles (Campground Staff reserves the right to limit additional vehicles per campsite)

Vehicles must not block the road or adjacent campsite(s). The speed limit is 10 MPH.

Visitors (Campground Staff reserves the right to limit additional vehicles per campsite)


Parents are responsible at all times for their children’s safety and behavior. Please supervise small children in showers and restrooms, and do not allow children to play in the roadway.


Animals must be kept on a leash at all times and may not be left unattended at the campsite. Animals may not be tethered to utility fixtures, picnic tables, trees or fences. Animal waste must be picked up by the pet owner. A fine of $35 will be charged for not picking up pet waste.
No Vicious breeds please, such as Pitbulls, Rottweilers.

Restrooms and Showers

Facilities are available for paying guests of Taos RV Park. Due to Board of Health Regulations, animals and the washing of dishes are prohibited in the restrooms. No pets allowed in restrooms.
No clothes lines allowed at campsites.

Non-Fire Campground

NO WOOD BURNING FIRE PITS ALLOWED ON PROPERTY. Personal charcoal and propane grills are permitted. Do not put hot coals in garbage containers or on ground. Fireworks are prohibited on the Campground premises and on the property.


Help us stay clean by depositing all garbage in the dumpsters located throughout the Campground.

WIFI is available for paying guests of Taos RV Park, WIFI information will be provided the day of check in.

Rent is due on the 1st of the month (monthly tenants), and on the 1st of the week (weekly tenants). Guests must understand that if the payment is not paid on the due date, then Taos RV park authority/management will shut down water, sewer, electric, and WIFI immediately and any vehicle/RV/Motor home on the pad will be towed immediately at the owner’s expenses.